Competitive pricing for commodities clearing

We offer independent clearing on more than 25 major energy and commodity exchanges and are constantly raising our profile in this sector.

What we did

During our recent discussions with one prospect, we aimed to demonstrate the significant cost savings our Correlation Haircut model (COH) provides and the added functionality we bring via our web portal.  We explained the setup of the proposed account structure and the Customer Service and Account Management offering we provide. We also explained how the on-boarding process would be managed by Delivery Management, before running a simulation of our COH on the client’s portfolio.

The result

The simulated risk figure calculated was considerably less than the sum of the exchange margins that the company was currently paying. Today the company is a satisfied client, who utilizes our web portal and other functionality to automatically download tailor-made reports to a local computer every morning. We are now discussing strengthening our relationship with the introduction of FX services to assist the company in developing its foreign currency exposure.