Investment Firm Regulation Conference: Spot on!

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ABN AMRO Clearing hosted the CEPS-ECMI Conference on Thursday 19 April 2018.

Investment Firm Regulation Conference: Spot on!

All investment firms are currently subject to the prudential requirements primarily designed for banks. The European Commission’s proposal for a prudential framework devoted exclusively to investment firms will alter this regime. The overarching objectives of the new prudential framework is to ensure that the firms have sufficient funds to remain financially viable and avoid contagion to customers and the wider economy.

Although theĀ regime introduced by MiFID II is mainly relevant for PTGs, it also impacts Prime clients and Corporate hedgers. The conference organised on April 19th by CEPS/ECMI and hosted by ABN AMRO Clearing, was well-received by participants. Many of which clients who welcomed the initiative that underlined the need to consider new Investment Firm Regulation and appreciatedĀ the efforts to promote this topic with law makers and regulators.

Read more about it in the meeting report.