Global Clearing Graduate Programme

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Do you have strong analytical skills, a nose for new business opportunities, and the desire to work in global financial markets? Then the ABN AMRO Global Clearing Graduate Programme may be the perfect fit for you!

At a Glance

Do you have strong analytical skills, a nose for new business opportunities, and the desire to work in global financial markets? Then the ABN AMRO Global Clearing Graduate Programme may be the perfect fit for you. From the Amsterdam Zuidas in Europe, Chicago in the USA or Singapore in Asia Pacific, you’ll work together with colleagues to serve the world's best trading firms across all capital markets. With 11 offices around the globe we offer proximity to market infrastructures on four continents.  What do you see when you envision the next step? Work on achieving your goals and develop yourself professionally and personally. Tell us your story. We want to hear it!

Your job

In your first few weeks at ABN AMRO Clearing, you’ll follow the Global Clearing Graduate Programme together with your fellow graduates, during which you’ll get to know the bank. Besides a broad introduction to ABN AMRO Clearing, you’ll participate in hands-on training in the fields of Commerce, Finance, Securities & Borrowing & Lending, Operations, IT, Product Development, Risk Management and personal development. Trainings will be delivered by those at the top of their field – including Nyenrode Business University lecturers, professional trainers and ABN AMRO Clearing managers.Together, they will give you a solid basis for further development within Clearing. At the same time, you will build an international network of graduates. A great start to your ABN AMRO Global Clearing Graduate Programme.

As part of the rotation program to gain experience in one of our offices abroad, you will be working in your ‘home’country for 6 month and spend 6 month working in one of the other Clearing locations. Following the initial general training, you’ll start with your first rotation of six months. During your two rotations in the Global Clearing Graduate Program you’ll get to know as many different parts of the global Clearing organisation as possible over the course of 12 months. You’ll also get the chance to branch out into one of the other departments (Risk, Finance, IT, Products, Operations and Commerce) within Clearing – thereby broadening your knowledge and network. After 12 months, you’ll be ready to find a role that best matches your skills and ambitions.

It sounds like a cliché, but every day is different within Clearing. Because the work is ever-changing and clients are highly demanding, you’re guaranteed to learn a lot in a short space of time. From day one, you’ll work on your own assignment, for which you’ll take full responsibility. For instance, you could be working on a new product, developing a new risk model,  or you may be involved in the on boarding of new global clients.

Your working environment

Clearing is a post-trade activity by which an organization acts as an intermediary and assumes the role of a buyer and seller in a transaction to reconcile orders between transacting parties. The aim is to reduce risk and make financial markets more efficient. Clearing is necessary for the matching of all buy and sell orders in the market.Today we clear and finance over 16 million trades per day and we cover 90 of the world’s leading exchanges across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Our international network provides comprehensive market access to exchange listed instruments such as stocks, futures and options. It also covers non-exchange listed investment instruments and alternative products including bonds, OTC derivatives, warrants, forex, forwards, energy and commodities. 

ABN AMRO Clearing consistently ranks among the top three clearers in every time zone, based on turnover and market share.

Working at ABN AMRO Clearing means becoming even better at what you do. We understand clients and strive to deliver the most professional service. ABN AMRO Clearing Bank is a subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank NV which holds its own banking licence and has around 800 staff members worldwide with offices in Amsterdam (HQ), London, Frankfurt, Paris, Chicago, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney.  Find out more about ABN AMRO Clearing at:

Your profile

You’re attracted to the global financial markets and are highly analytical. You have the ability to bring colleagues with different specialisations and cultures together so that you can, as a team, optimally serve our clients. The continuous changing environment in which regulations and sustainability play an important role requires an adaptive mind set. You are curious by nature, drawn to continuous improvement and embrace technological developments. And, of course, you are results-focused, have an inquisitive mind, and enjoy learning new things in an international environment.

Check out your profile:
  • Entrepreneurial, creative mindset and capable to assess and evaluate risks
  • Can work in an international context;
  • Thinks in terms of what’s possible, sees opportunities and takes a solutions-oriented approach;
  • Self-starter who readily assumes responsibility;
  • Knowledge or at least interested in technology and how this supports business improvements
  • The team comes first!
  • Master’s degree;
  • No more than two years of work experience;
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Experience abroad or other activities that show your international interest
  • Affinity with the financial world

What we offer

During the entire 12 months of the Global Clearing Graduate Programme, you'll receive guidance from a dedicated Manager, assignment supervisors, trainers and a mentor. In addition, ABN AMRO Clearing offers an ongoing training curriculum that allows you to increase your technical knowledge, deepen your understanding of financial markets and products, and further develop your personal skills. You'll also regularly get together with the Global Clearing Graduate Programme's training group. At ABN AMRO, we use our knowledge, expertise and network to help our clients within and outside the Netherlands achieve their goals based on responsible decisions. Our clients’ interests always come first. We want clients to understand our products, and we sometimes say ‘no’ if a product involves a risk that is too high for the client. Putting clients’ interests first also means communicating in plain language and crafting smart solutions that genuinely make a difference. That is our goal.

Interested ?

Are you interested? Please apply via this button . Upload your CV, grades and covering letter. Please add your grades to either your CV or cover letter. Graduates can apply all year round, but for the start of the Global Graduate Programme (general training week) starting in September, the application deadline is 19 May 2017. 

If you’re invited to take an aptitude test, you must complete it within three days. The test comprises sequences of numbers, figures and matrices.

For more information you can contact  Frederik ten Veen (, Barry Polak ( or Angelica Verwijmeren ( We look forward getting to know you!