ISO certification for Business Continuity Management

News item -

ABN AMRO Clearing's Operational Risk Control (ORC) Europe is very proud to announce that the British Standards Institute (BSI) has awarded us with the ISO 22301:2012 certificate. The ISO 22301 standard is the international standard for Business Continuity.

This certificate is evidence that the Amsterdam office has implemented a Business Continuity Management System on best practice level. With this, we follow the London office where we achieved certification 2 years ago. You all have been instrumental in achieving this success as Business Continuity Management concerns us all.

Why go for an ISO certification?
  1. The financial world has changed and clients, regulators and other stakeholders expect and demand that AAC lives up to the highest possible standards in terms of staff safety and being able to continue the business under any circumstances. The ISO certificate provides independently audited proof that AAC has the competences, plans and procedures in place to manage any unforeseen event. It also shows that this has been embedded within the organisation together with a process of continuous improvement and governance.
  2. The ISO certificate gives quick assurance to clients that are required to perform due diligence on their value chain partners and suppliers.
  3. The ISO standard has been fully adopted by the DNB as the basis for its Business Continuity Benchmark Standard.
  4. Working together to achieve this milestone is a good motivator for you to continue fulfilling your role in the Business Continuity Management System.  
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