Opalesque roundtable in Amsterdam

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The Opalesque 2017 Netherlands Roundtable, sponsored by ABN AMRO Clearing, took place in Amsterdam and offers some unconventional perspectives. Make sure to download 'The bubble of everything and the failure of "traditional" investing - Netherlands roundtable' full report.

The year 2016

It could be well argued that at the moment equities are highly valued, bonds and real estate are overvalued, and what to do with private equity with one trillion waiting for an opportunity?
How can we invest if we want a low or controlled risk and an acceptable return? (page 6).

And, how can we make sure that in a world with accelerating changes rattling the foundations of conventional investing, our investment ideas and investment strategies are not implicitly founded on structures that are disappearing? Even central banks, which for generations were followed blindly, have lost their authority and dominant role since 2016 (page 7,8).

At the same time, some deep thinkers believe that "traditional" investing has deviated 180 degrees from its traditional role, and needs to be rethought (page 25, 26, 30).

Participants of the Opalesque 2017 Netherlands Roundtable

  • Harold de Boer, Managing Director, Member of Management Committee and Member of Board of Directors, Transtrend
  • Pieter de Vries Robbe, Director Operations & Business Development, Capstone Investment Advisors
  • Rob van Kuijk, CEO, Finles Capital Management
  • Arent Thijsen, CEO, Partner, Blauwtulp Wealth Management
  • Gildas Le Treut, Global Head of Prime Brokerage, ABN AMRO Clearing
  • Jos van Trier, Partner/Founder, TRZ Funds

More about questions such as:

  • What are some strategies Dutch investors prefer at the moment? (page 6-10, 13)
  • Can CTAs still make money in today's environment (page 6,7)? Is this the right moment to get into illiquid markets? (page 10)
  • False promises: The frightening growth of investments in products that are 'officially' but not really liquid (page 10). When VaR becomes a risk (page 11)
  • Is there a point where a trading strategy can become too complex? (page 14)
  • Why more data doesn't mean more information. It's like searching for wild boars in a forest; more trees doesn't mean more boars (page 14)
  • Unintended consequences: How the move from floor-traded markets to screen-traded markets can haunt investors and traders (page 14)
  • Why and how specifically should managers communicate who they are and how they invest? (page 15)
  • Challenges and limitations of using artificial intelligence in investment management (page 14-17)
  • How to do an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) the right way (page 17 - 22)
  • What is the value of bitcoin and why? (page 21 - 23)
  • Why there is a simple, real and practical way out of the "debt trap" of economies (page 23)
  • How family offices and investment managers are forging closer ties (page 24)
  • Where MIFID II is wrong on transaction fees with detrimental consequences for investors (page 26)
  • Why passive investing isn't responsible investing (page 28)