Expanded trading opportunities in Canada

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Clients can now expand their equity footprint and clear Canadian business through their account in Chicago

In January 2017 we successfully migrated our equity and options clearing operations onto ‘MICS’, the AAC in-house developed global clearing platform.  The smooth change-over was the result of great collaboration and a massive effort, both from our clients and our staff.  

Clients’ benefit

New trading opportunities are being rolled out to clients of ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago.  The innovative clearing platform, ‘MICS’, will allow ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago to further enhance our product offerings by:
  • connecting to non-US equity markets
  • clearing multi-currency transactions
  • expanding into new asset-classes such as fixed-income and FX

Canadian equity markets

We are pleased to announce the successful roll out of our Canadian project. Clients can now expand their equity footprint and clear Canadian business through their account in Chicago.  Bringing additional equity business to your account with us will most often result in capital efficiencies. 

If you’re interested in exploring trading the Canadian equity or futures market, please reach out to your local commercial representative. 

Local partners matter

When entering a new market through a local partner, we apply rigorous selection criteria for potential providers to match our clients’ expectations. For the Canadian market we selected CIBC, as local broker and custodian. CIBC is already our local clearer for Canadian futures, hence adding equities to the existing service coverage entails overall efficiency gains for our clients. 

Next roll out

ABN AMRO Clearing can leverage on its local presence in multiple financial centers.  In every region we will continue to add new markets and products.  Focus in 2018 will be to expand our clearing offer with Japanese Equities and Options for our Chicago clients. 

We will keep you updated on progress made!


All products may not be available in all regions.  
US products are cleared through ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago LLC - member FINRA, SIPC, and NFA.