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The ABN AMRO Clearing Energy Products Newsletter informs you about new products, events and initiatives.

We hereby have the pleasure to send you the ABN AMRO Clearing Energy Products Newsletter for March 2017, in order to inform you about new products, events and initiatives. 

This newsletter has the following content: 

  •    Introducing the New Client Archive and the Wizard - ABN AMRO Clearing
  •    French Capacity Market on EPEX Spot  
  •    Recent products & exchanges added to clearing portfolio

Introducing the New Client Archive and the Wizard - ABN AMRO Clearing

As part of our ongoing quest to improve client experience, we have implemented two new applications for clients. These applications help to get a better Grip on data. We have executed  a successful pilot project with clients and have now started to add more features.

First tool is an Archive
Having access to a reporting archive, to view previous sent reports is vital for any modern business. The Archive application allows to the daily, monthly and intraday historical data. The intuitive interface gives the possibility to download reports any time. Besides this, there is the opportunity to limit the number of emails. For example: instead of receiving intraday position emails every 15 minutes these can now be downloaded from the Archive when needed. There is 13 months of historic report data in the Archive. 

Second tool is a Wizard
We’ve implemented an Online query tool. This user-friendly Wizard allows to create, save and schedule reports. Reports can include both real-time data and a lookback period of up to 45 days:
Data Group Real Time Overnight
Transactions YES YES
Cash Movements YES YES
Detailed Open Position (DOP) YES
Purchase & Sales YES
Cash Summary YES
Position YES
Positions Intraday YES
Pending Settlements YES

Key features: 
  •   Predefined query criteria makes creating reports fast and easy;
  •   Highly intuitive interface;
  •   Scheduled reports can be tailored to provide the data with the frequency needed;
  •   Create reports over multiple days, e.g. month to date transactions;
  •   Export reports in CSV in order to consolidate with the clients systems/reports, saving time and eliminate human error

Use case example: during the pilot the clients were able to schedule reports at their COB to reconcile their position and trades. Normally they were only able to do this the morning after.

If you are interested about these two new applications, do please feel free to contact your Relationship Manager or contact us via

French Capacity Market on EPEX Spot

On 27th April 2017, the second auction is scheduled for the French Capacity Guarantees.

About the auction, the French Capacity Market mechanism specifies that each energy supplier contributes to the security of electricity supply in France, in accordance with the demand characteristics of its customers. 

Thus suppliers have an obligation to secure/buy guarantees to cover peak consumption of their customers. Symmetrically, all capacity owners (power plants and demand response) in metropolitan France must have their production tools certified and get capacity certificates for that.

Trading participants who are already admitted for trading at EPEX have to submit the respective TP form for trading EPEX French capacity guarantees to ECC. For those not yet registered need to become ECC and EPEX Spot member.

ECC requests a financial limit for buying capacity guarantees. The financial limit is based on an amount in Euro which is set by the Clearing Member for a single auction day. The process begins on 17th April, 2017. Order books will be open from 20 April until 27 April 2017.

If you are interested to participate in this auction on EPEX Spot, do please feel free to contact your Relationship Manager or contact us via

Recent products & exchanges added to clearing portfolio

In 2017, ABN AMRO Clearing informed its business relations of adding the following new products and exchanges to its clearing portfolio: 

New Products 
  •  30 - minutes power contracts on EPEX Spot
  •  Electricity Certificates on NASDAQ OMX Commodities
  •  Wind Power Futures and Mini Power Futures contracts on MEFFPower


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