DIM Funds winner of the AIF Factor 2017

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Amsterdam, March 8th, 2017: ABN AMRO Clearing announces the winner of the AIF Factor 2017 competition

AIF Factor winner

DIM Funds wins AIF Factor 2017 at the Amsterdam Investor Forum

During ABN AMRO Clearing’s 6th Amsterdam Investor Forum on 8 March 2017, DIM Funds was voted the AIF Factor 2017 winner. The fund successfully pitched their investment strategy and convinced more than 50% of the over 250 delegates, comprising of investment managers, institutional investors, Hedge funds allocators and high net worth individuals. 
“Let’s make investments great again, by basing them on solid economic principles rather than data mining” said Theo Vermaelen, Professor Finance at INSEAD and portfolio manager of the PV Buyback USA fund.  “Contrary to many other asset managers we do not pretend to be smarter than the market. We believe that occasionally managers of small companies are smarter than the market, and we basically join them when they buy back their own shares” 
“We have had a great diversity of strategies presented again this year and witnessed five impressive finalists,” said Gildas Le Treut, Global Head of Prime at ABN AMRO Clearing . “I am especially pleased with the compelling and enthusiastic pitches delivered by the 5 finalists. I would like to congratulate DIM Funds for winning the AIF Factor 2017. The clarity and  sincerity of professor Vermaelen’s presentation in combination with his human touch positively triggered the audience. His personal message appealed to their imagination.” 
AIF Factor - enabling Funds to explain their investment strategies. The AIF Factor is a competition that enables a selection of funds - active or prospective, of any size, location, investment target or style - to explain their investment strategies to professional investors.

Shortlisted for the final were: 
1. Ashenden Trend plus Fund
2. Blackrock , BSF Multi-Manager Alternative Strategies Fund
3. ABR Dynamic Blend Equity and Volatility Fund
4. DIM Funds - PV Buyback USA
5. Tolomeo SquarePoint Global Equities

The 6th edition of the Amsterdam Investor Forum

ABN AMRO Clearing is organising the event with the support of the ABN AMRO Private Banking’s Alternatives & Funds team. In its previous editions the AIF has gained wide recognition as the leading alternative investment conference in the Netherlands. The professional audience of the AIF includes institutional investors, funds of funds and high-net worth individuals. For the 2017 edition ABN AMRO Clearing is delighted to welcome a fine selection of leading industry professionals. 

The companies represented include: ABN AMRO Investment Solutions, AFM, AIMA, Albourne Partners, BlackRock, Blenheim Capital, Cantab - Part of GAM Systematic, CERN, CME, Crabel Capital Management, Deloitte, Done Fund Management, Falcon Money Management, FERI Trust, GAM, HFSB, In Ink (London), Innocap Investment Management, International Asset Management Limited (IAM), Kempen & Co, M&G Investments, Maven, Metori Capital, Mint Tower Capital Management, Multifund, Murano Systems Connect, Neuberger Berman, NN IP, PGGM&Co, Pictet Alternative Advisors SA, Privium, Rotella Capital, RPM, Tages Capital, Tolomeo Capital, Tudor Investment Corporation and Unigestion.



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