Greenland Investment Management wins AIF Factor 2019 at the Amsterdam Investor Forum

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Amsterdam, 20 March 2019: ABN AMRO Clearing announces the winner of the AIF Factor 2019

AIF Factor winner

Greenland Investment Management wins AIF Factor 2019 at the Amsterdam Investor Forum

During ABN AMRO Clearing’s 8th Amsterdam Investor Forum on 19 and 20 March 2019, the Greenland Global Fund II was voted the AIF Factor 2019 winner. Anant Jatia, founder of Greenland Investment Management successfully pitched his investment strategy and convinced a group of over 200 delegates, comprising of investment managers, institutional investors, Hedge funds allocators and high net worth individuals. In a very close battle Greenland Investment Management were triumphant with 26.5 % of the votes. The runners up : Walnut Investors and the Singularity fund with 25.5% of the votes, closely followed by Typhon Capital Management with 23.5% of the votes for their Vulcan Metals Fund .

"This was a real tough contest and winning the AIF Factor award feels fantastic," said Anant Jatia. "What a great opportunity to meet with and present our fund strategy to such a diverse audience of highly professional investors and managers. It is great to be at the Amsterdam Investor Forum, an excellent occasion to hear leading voices in global markets and to look for new investor opportunities".

The Greenland Global Fund II executes global commodity arbitrage strategies, looking to exploit price differences between futures contracts in identical commodities that are traded in 2 different markets. Fair value is calculated as the exact cost of transportation for moving commodities between the assigned points of delivery. This is typically what producers do when deciding to take physical delivery in one of those markets. The strategy aims at spotting these arbitrage opportunities before institutional investors do, knowing that the latter cannot take physical delivery.

"Five impressive finalists who did extremely well, " said Delphine Amzallag, Global Director Prime at ABN AMRO Clearing. "I am especially pleased with the diversity of the strategies presented and the compelling and enthusiastic pitches. I would like to congratulate Greenland Investment Management for winning the AIF Factor. An attention grabbing introduction and a clear and transparent strategy generating an appealing risk/return profile for the fund made a particular impression on the audience which resulted in a close victory."

Enabling Funds to explain their investment strategies

The AIF Factor is a competition that enables a selection of funds - active or prospective, of any size, location, investment target or style - to explain their investment strategies to professional investors.

Shortlisted for the final were:

1. Bainbridge Partners, Bainbridge Equity Market Neutral

2. Greenland Investment Management, Greenland Global Fund II Limited

3. Molinero Capital Management, Molinero Commo Quantamental

4. Typhon Capital Management, Vulcan Metals Fund

5. Walnut Investments, Singularity Fund

8th edition AIF

The Amsterdam Investor Forum, organized by ABN AMRO Clearing has gained wide recognition as the leading alternative investment event in the Netherlands. In its 8th edition, the AIF will again deliver a global line-up of prominent speakers and panelists that are active in the alternatives industry including Fund Management, Asset Management, Investment and Asset allocation. 

More information can be found here.

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