Corporate actions

Our service offering

We can optimize your cash management and investment portfolio by crediting payments into the account on the contractual payment date, in the currency of preference.

Corporate actions, income collection and information flows are processed automatically. Reporting and instructing flows through our web-based tool, and instructions are straight-through uploaded into our system for execution.

Specialized services

Through our direct access to most relevant CSDs we allow instruction deadlines close to the market cut off time.

Our integrated custody service allows our clients to receive timely and accurate Corporate Action information and allows sharp cut-off times for instructing close to market deadlines.. Using SWIFT communication for reporting and instructing corporate actions, we ensure the highest level of STP processing with the markets and our clients.

These specific services are open to all professional and ECP clients and are mostly used by principal trading groups and prime brokerage clients.

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Corporate Action Forms

IT0001008876 ROMA OPA

IT0001008876 ROMA OPA - Scheda OPA AS ROMA 01​ (PDF 221 KB)
IT0001008876 ROMA OPA - OPA AS ROMA  Elenco aderenti​ (XLSX 9 KB)

IT0005218752 Banca MPS Rg

FAC SIMILE BMPS Tab withdrawal 2020 IT0005218752 Banca MPS Rg​ (XLSX 15 KB)
Withdrawal Sale DeclarationIT0005218752 Banca MPS Rg​ (PDF 192 KB)
Annex Forms IT0005218752 Banca MPS Rg​ (PDF 337 KB)

Pr Bueno20MTB S SU Euroclear and Clearstream

Pr Bueno20MTB -S SU "Canadian Certification Form​ (PDF 250 KB)

IT0005331001 Techedge Rg

ISIN- IT0005331001 Techedge Rg BO PDF Forms​ (PDF 160 KB)
ISIN- IT0005331001 Techedge Rg BO Excel Format​ (XLSX 11 KB)

IT0003487029 - UBI Banca N

ISIN- IT0003487029 - SQUEEZE OUT - UBI Banca N_BO Forms_Scheda_intesa_Richiesta di Vendita Editabile​ (PDF 290 KB)
ISIN- IT0003487029 - SQUEEZE OUT - UBI Banca NBO Excel_Format elenco sottoscrittori sell-out ENG​ (XLSX 11 KB)

POA Paribas Securities Services

POA Paribas Securities Services ​ (DOC 29 KB)

Security: Clearstream - Microsoft

Microsoft – Canadian Certification Form ​ (PDF 42 KB)

Security: Euroclear - Microsoft

Microsoft – Canadian Certification Form ​ (PDF 36 KB)

Security: Clearstream Banco Santander - Disclosure

Disclosure - Beneficial Owner Form ​ (XLS 69 KB)

ISIN-NO0010887631- Thin Film Rt

Notice of exercise of warrants ​ (PDF 149 KB)

US92343VBY92 -4.15 Verizon 24 SrN

Eligibility Letter ​ (PDF 65 KB)

US92343VBJ26-2.45 Verizon 22 SrN

Eligibility Letter ​ (PDF 64 KB)

NL0015435975 Dav Cam Mil Rg

ONGO CONV BO Form for Conversion to Loyalty Shares_NL0015435975_English​ (PDF 137 KB)

ONGO CONV BO Form for Conversion to Loyalty Shares_NL0015435975_Italian​ (PDF 148 KB)

ONGO CONV BO Form for withdrawal of Loyalty Shares_NL0015435975_English​ (PDF 76 KB)

ONGO CONV BO Form for withdrawal of Loyalty Shares_NL0015435975_Italian ​ (PDF 87 KB)

XS1028948120 - 6.625 Pizzaexp 21-S

Account Holder Letter ​ (PDF 279 KB)

SE0014957031 - SAS Rt 19.10.20

QIB Form ​ (DOCX 45 KB)

DE000A289V94 - H REIT SR 26.10.20

QIB Letter​ (DOC 64 KB)

Final - Hamborner Bezugs- und Abtretungserklärung ​ (DOCX 46 KB)