Derivatives clearing

Our service offering

ABN AMRO Clearing offers clearing services on the world's leading derivatives markets. We hold top 3 positions as a clearer on 4 continents, based on market share of transactions cleared. Our processing capacity is aimed at efficiently dealing STP with high transaction volumes, as illustrated by an average of 20 million transactions that flow through our systems globally on a daily basis.

Specialized services

We have specialist settlement teams to facilitate the handling of creation/redemption instructions for ETFs and conversions for ADR/ordinary shares.

ABN AMRO Clearing acts as custodian and settlement agent for its clients. We are fully interfaced with Securities Settlement Systems and CSDs, and manage a large network of sub-custodians. Managing the complete value chain from Execution, Clearing to settlement allows higher efficiency and costs containment. We fully comply with Swift market standards. 

Combining OTC contracts in a single sheet with listed derivatives and underlying assets will lead to capital efficiencies and collateral optimization in combination with lower risk and credit exposure. 

These specific services are open to all professional and ECP clients and are mostly used by principal trading groups and prime brokerage clients. 

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Contract Coverage

We continuously invest in our back office operations and believe that our in-house developed tools bring significant added value to our customers. Our processing capacity is calibrated upwards, every time a new volume peak is reached. It allows clients to focus on trading and not worry about the number of trades they generate, even when the markets are extremely busy.

We cover major commodity and energy markets in US and Europe for the following contracts: 
- Agricultural products (grain, soy, wheat, …) 
- Metals (base materials, precious metals, …) 
- Soft commodities (cocoa, coffee) 
- Oil and gas 
- Electricity.

Product offering

We offer global clearing services on a complete suite of derivatives products: 
- Options 
- Futures 
- Warrants 
- Energy Commodities 
- Soft and Agricultural Commodities 
- Metals 
- Power 
Our leading position and STP processing capacity allows ABN AMRO Clearing to propose a competitive service offering to our target client base, even for low turnover strategies. 
These specific services are open to all professional and ECP clients and are mostly used by principal trading groups, corporate hedgers and prime brokerage clients.

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