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Contracts for Difference (CFDs) offer clients the opportunity to gain synthetic exposure on certain underlying assets (equity securities). ABN AMRO Clearing issues CFDs and hedges the exposure by buying or selling the underlying equities in the market. The client gets the economic performance of the underlying, without actually being the asset owner. Corporate events are reflected in the position. The price risk related to CFDs on single stocks is equivalent to holding the underlying stock.  CFD owners additionally run credit exposure on the CFD issuer and is charged interest for financing the long position or borrowing short stock.  

Our clients are enabled to create CFDs by making use of Direct Market Access through our GES product suite, thus accessing multiple liquidity pools. This unique model provides an efficient, transparent and cost-effective means of trading. 

CFDs allow for up to 25 times leverage.

Specialized services

We have specialist settlement teams to facilitate the handling of creation/redemption instructions for ETFs and conversions for ADR/ordinary shares.

ABN AMRO Clearing acts as custodian and settlement agent for its clients. We are fully interfaced with Securities Settlement Systems and CSDs, and manage a large network of sub-custodians. Managing the complete value chain from Execution, Clearing to settlement allows higher efficiency and costs containment. We fully comply with Swift market standards. 

Combining OTC contracts in a single sheet with listed derivatives and underlying assets will lead to capital efficiencies and collateral optimization in combination with lower risk and credit exposure. 

These specific services are open to all professional and ECP clients and are mostly used by principal trading groups and prime brokerage clients. 

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CFD Market coverage

  • France (CAC40)
  • UK (FTSE350) *
 *   For a max holding period of 360 days