OTC Derivatives Clearing Services for Buy-Side

Building on a leading position in equity and derivatives clearing, ABN AMRO Clearing is the first bank in the Netherlands that has set up a centralized OTC Derivatives Clearing Service. By monetizing years of knowledge and experience, and utilization of world-class proprietary technology, ABN AMRO Clearing is fully prepared to offer OTC Derivatives Clearing Services for the following client groups;

  • Financial Institutions

  • Institutional Investors

  • Brokers

  • Market Makers

We offer OTC Derivatives Clearing Services to buy-side clients with a complete “one stop shop” service. Whereby, ABN AMRO Clearing acts as principal on clients behalf and will perform correlated cross product portfolio margining to generate offset between all OTC and on all exchange traded securities.

We provide OTC Derivatives Clearing for the following products*;

*Supported currencies EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, YEN and CAD

We clear the following CCP's

* Not operational

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For further information on OTC Derivatives clearing please contact Alexander Jacobs (Global Head of OTC Derivatives), +31 6 53 85 21 71 or alexander.jacobs@nl.abnamro.com