Capital Markets Solutions

The new Capital Markets Solutions business is the market leader in the Netherlands for large commercial clients and third-best for SMEs, but its ambitions go further. The group wants to be the primary bank for companies based in the Netherlands and for their businesses abroad. Its goal is to create a long-standing relationship that encompasses a broad range of products and services. It also holds a number of leading positions in global, specialist markets such as Energy, Commodities & Transportation and ABN AMRO Clearing.

Capital Markets Solutions offers integrated services through its network of offices in Western Europe and financial centres worldwide, covering 80 - 90% of our Dutch clients’ international needs. It also works with other banks in its efforts to serve clients across the globe.

Energy, Commodities & Transportation offers standard and structured bank products and services to clients who are active worldwide in sectors such as commodity finance and shipping.

ABN AMRO Clearing provides an integrated service package for professional parties, such as market makers, professional traders and institutional investors. It is among the world’s biggest players in this market and one of the few to offer global market access and clearing on more thanĀ 90 of the world’s main exchanges.