Major Chris Hunter QGM key-note speaker at the Amsterdam Investor Forum 2019

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ABN AMRO Clearing is proud to announce Major Chris Hunter QGM as a key-note speaker at the Amsterdam Investor Forum!


Chris joined the British Army at sixteen and within three years was selected to undergo officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Chris spent the majority of his 17 year career serving as a high threat bomb disposal operator and during that time served with a variety of specialist counter terrorism units. These included four years with the UK Special Forces and an attachment to the Security Service (MI5).

During his career he deployed to a number of operational theatres, and for his actions during an Iraq bomb disposal tour, he was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal. His citation read: ‘There can be few other individuals who have so willingly played Russian roulette with their own life to safeguard the lives of others’.

Counter-terrorist Bomb Disposal Specialist, Author and Expert Contributor on BBC and Sky

Capitalising on his unique experiences in the high-pressure, high stakes world of bomb disposal and intelligence, Chris has been able to develop the skills, psychologies and life-or-death decision-making processes translating them to the current needs of the commercial world. 

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