Our clients

ABN AMRO Clearing is one of the world’s leading providers of clearing and financing services for listed derivatives and cash securities, OTC products, warrants, commodities and FX. With 11 offices globally employing more than 800 staff, ABN AMRO Clearing services clients on 160+ exchanges, MTFs, systematic internalisers and FX liquidity centres. We consistently post over 20% market share of transactions cleared on most relevant derivatives exchanges globally. ABN AMRO Clearing offers an integrated approach to global transaction processing, financial logistics and risk management.

We believe that our strengths are of particular value to specific client groups and have tuned our commercial organisation accordingly. Through deep understanding of their business and recognition of their specific needs we aim to deliver a top rated service and to make our clients globally competitive.

Our clearing services are most appropriate for professional and eligible counterparty (ECP) clients, as defined under MiFID II.  ABN  AMRO Clearing does not have a fitting compliance, advisory or risk monitoring framework in place to service clients, qualified as retail under MiFID II, with clearing services and other ancillary services as referred to on this website.

Principal trading groups

ABN AMRO Clearing built its global business in close collaboration with market maker groups that started their business on the EOE in Amsterdam. By closely following up with the needs of these clients and by developing our systems to satisfy their high profile demands, ABN AMRO Clearing has become an industry reference for providing clearing services to principal trading groups. ABN AMRO Clearing is a global leader when it comes to servicing market makers, quantitative electronic trading firms, liquidity providers, professional traders, principal trading groups, derivatives brokers, investment firms, ... that require a sustainable and robust solution for their global clearing services.

Corporate hedgers

ABN AMRO Clearing has a longstanding history and commitment across listed commodity derivatives for execution and clearing. This is particularly interesting for corporates that need the hedging of the underlying commodities from a risk management perspective. AAC covers a wide range of commodities; Agricultural, base and precious metals, oil and energy related products. ABN AMRO Clearing has established itself as an industry reference with a team focusing on corporates, commercial hedgers, industrial clients, producers, ... that are looking for excellence in clearing services and certain physical deliveries of agri and energy commodities.

Prime brokerage clients

ABN AMRO Clearing offers fully integrated Prime brokerage services across multiple asset classes. Our Prime Services enable clients to trade globally, while centralizing all clearing, settlement, custody, financial and administrative services. By leveraging on our leading global clearing position across markets we are continuously growing and developing our franchise across markets to meet our client's needs.

ABN AMRO Clearing delivers excellence in clearing services for Hedge Funds, Financial Institutions and Investment managers that are employing the following strategies:

  • Long/short equity strategies,

  • Relative value strategies

  • Quantitative strategies

  • Macro and CTA strategies

  • Fund of Hedge Funds Strategies

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